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Interesting Links

I love finding interesting stuff in my RSS feeds, most items currently come from my Slashdot feed.

Among the articles about anamatronic clothing and Zune reviews I found a couple of quite appealing articles. The first is that the complete works of Charles Darwin have been meticulously catalogued and photographed and you can read the text on the left and see the actual page on the right. I thought it was cool.

The second is an article which describes what the earth would be like if all humanlife disappeared. I haven’t had a chance to read it in full as yet, so the link is here for my reference as much as yours. But the crux of it is that within a matter of a few hundred thousand years there would be little to no trace of human life whatsoever. Quite sobering.


October 21, 2006 - Posted by | interesting urls, slashdot

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