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Distro Couches

I know I promised that I’d take the pictures and post them but somebody else has already done that so in the grand tradition of not reinventing the wheel I’m just going to post links to their pictures.

The couches are to be found in the common chillout area which is a large square u-shaped structure containing any wifi points, chairs, tables and Disro couches.

Fedora the big red couch inspired by the big Red Hat. On a side note, the Red Hat Noodle Bar close to the campus got a bit freaked out by the influx of excited geeks heading their way.

Debian since apparently blue couches were unavailable for hire for Fedora, Debian gets to be black to match the colour of its heart…. Note the lack of support there.

Suse featuring the pooh green couches. There was an apology for them not being bright.

Ubuntu is bright and spongy with no sharp edges. I have no complaints about admitting that I’m an Ubuntu user.

Gentoo was a whole other amusement all by itself. Arriving at the venue in flatpack and being left for the geeks to assemble. Which they did however slowly it took. The end result introducing Gentoo.

Interestingly enough, over the course of the week modifications appeared on the construction instruction sheet for the Gentoo chair which was taped to the wall nearby. Documentation customisation at its best.


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