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BoingBoing Link Roundup

There are some great finds in my RSS bin atm. Here’s some that I really liked.

  • Not a lamp, not a box – a tongue in cheek take on Ikea-esque flat pack furniture (2 links).
  • Formable Furniture – awesome concept, a collection of slats that can be reshaped into furniture and stay in shape by tension wire
  • Yarn cupcakes – created as a farewell gift for somebody having to leave their knitting group behind. Knitted creations make with marzipan.
  • The MC Hammer School of English – adorable video of children learning to speak and spell in English using the time-honored “Hammer Time”
  • Extermiknit – yes, somebody has knitted daleks.
  • Graffiti on a hostel door in Prague – this should be self-explanatory for you geeks out there.
  • Face your pockets! – project where people scan their faces and the contents of their pockets and submit to the site.
  • Book of Lights – folding lamps that arise from opening a book and actually work if plugged in.

I got tied up playing Kingdom of Loathing. Lots of harmless fun which has in turn taken a back seat to more exciting things happening in my life currently.

Full steam ahead for relocation to Sydney within the next 2 weeks. I’m very excited about the opportunities available and for the chance to explore a new city and see more of my friends down there.


September 26, 2007 - Posted by | BoingBoing, links

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