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I’ve discovered to my absolute delight that I can in fact add a widget to my blog which shows links that I’ve selected to share from my GoogleReader rss feeds. In effect this could be seen as being lazy, but I’d like to defend that by stating it is now easier for me to share the more interesting things I find and no more difficult for my readers to find more rapidly changing content.

I’ve also registered my own domain for a bargain price. Now I just need to determine what I’d like to do with it and organise a page and hosting. I’m actually looking forward to developing some more web skills in terms of basic page design and coding in addition to learning more about how domains, space hosting and creating a statement page can all come together.


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Popularity and Nerds

In 2003 Paul Graham wrote an essay as to why nerds are unpopular. Beginning as quite a detailed account of how the groups within a school function, specifically how nerds fit in and why they are victimised by the popular people before graduating into the role of modern teenagers in society. This offers some sort of explanation as to apparently why teenagers are the way they are and how it is merely the product of the ‘adult world’ and their lack of ability to engage teenagers and thus two disparate worlds are formed, the teenage and the adult.

It’s an interesting read and while I can’t overly identify with all aspects of it, I suspect that’s due to differences in the American and Australian school systems, difference in lifestyle and engagement with my parents and other adults.

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Link Goodness and job fun

My new contract has been indulging a few of my geeky weaknesses. I’ve had a really good time learning about how mobile phone towers communicate with each other and with our phones. The basics are that I’m in charge of testing new 3g towers and collecting data from around the place using a variety of expensive gadgets and software. Part of my job also includes adjusting the electrical ’tilt’ of tower sectors where required. Learning how to do that was the basis of a ‘field trip’ today including a first hand look inside the shed at the base of a local towers which housed a lot of cable, racks and other assorted goodies in a white air-conditioned room.

Onto the links that are grabbing my attention this week.

  • LOLcode – it’s real, it’s out there and apparently there are employers seeking LOLcoders with at least a month of experience. It looks like fun, I wonder if they’ll let senior programming students use it when they get to pick their own language.
  • Street kids running their own bank – this is so inspiring to me. Why aren’t more children being so innovative and gaining such important skills?
  • Model of Scrooge McDuck’s money bin – link is to the set, I highly recommend going through each of the pictures as the detail and attention put into this is incredible.
  • Portrait Landscape Sketchbook – this is more novel than anything else, but I still think it’s cool though I’d likely never actually buy one.

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