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100 Things about Alison

After reading these posts from Fifikins and Lu I’ve been inspired to compile my own list of 100 things that you may or may not know about me. I’ve tried to come up with things that majority of readers probably don’t know already and also things that I’m relatively comfortable with everybody knowing given that this is a very public medium.

Here we go!

  1. I love to write and sometimes feel I can express myself better in writing. I’m a verbose writer, this isn’t going to be a short read.
  2. I’ve never liked beer and only this year have started to develop a tolerance/taste for wine. Despite all claims to the contrary, you can do a uni degree without becoming a beer drinker. My preferred alcoholic drinks are spirits and liqueurs.
  3. I’m quite competitive. It’s usually all in the spirit of healthy competition, not necessarily a bad thing if used carefully. My old Personal Trainer was particularly gifted at using this compulsion of mine to progressively improve my performance against my past achievements.
  4. If you’re making coffee I’ll have a skim milk latte with no sugar. I haven’t had instant coffee since the late 1990’s and will opt for tea or nothing before instant. Having said that, I love tea and the T2 Monk Pear blend is my current favourite.
  5. I am most motivated and inspired when surrounded by people that I believe are smarter than I am.
  6. I like my natural lip colour and rarely wear lipstick. This is also because I like to wear colourful eye makeup while still keeping my overall look fairly neutral.
  7. I enjoy my own company as much as that of others. If I’ve had an overly social week I crave some time in solitude. I am happiest when I can strike a balance between time alone and time spent around others.
  8. I’m a Virgo who was born on the cusp of Leo. Belief in astrology or not, it does sum up my personality. Easy-going, perfectionist and friendly most of the time but get me fired up about something and you’ll certainly hear about it.
  9. I love to drive. This inspired my love of taking road trips both by myself and with excellent company. Living close to the CBD of Sydney has meant I drive little and I get cravings to jump in my car and take off somewhere. I usually indulge these cravings when I have days off and a yearning to go and explore somewhere.
  10. I will do almost anything for my friends, I’ve been known to put their wants and needs before my own. Fortunately, I also have friends that do the same for me.
  11. During my honours year I had purple hair for a couple of months. It was great fun and my students loved it. I’ve had many hair colours over the years and am most happy with the way it is currently.
  12. Ever since I was in high school a great majority of my friends, particularly my ‘inner circle’, have been guys. It’s only been in the last few years that I’ve developed close friendships with a few women; usually they have guys as their ‘inner circle’ too. It’s been a learning curve but having chick best friends is just as good as having guy best friends.
  13. Puzzles, games and challenges are a fun past-time for me, not a painful thing to be suffered through. Cryptic crosswords are much more fun than regular crosswords for me.
  14. I am incredibly self-conscious about dancing. This is the result of being told some years ago that I have no rhythm by a highly trusted person. I can’t seem to get past this most of the time unless there are a lot of my friends dancing also.
  15. My natural personality is bubbly, happy and open; I also talk a lot. I withdraw from people and situations when I’m feeling down in order to not inflict my stormy moods on others.
  16. I’m a huge romantic and love to hear stories about how people get together and the sweet things they do for each other. A grand romantic gesture is a sure way to get my attention.
  17. I feel compelled to hug people a lot. Most of my friends are ‘hug types’ which is probably a good thing since it’s my most common way to greet and say goodbye to friends.
  18. I have an affinity for the numbers 5, 8 and any number under 100 that is a multiple of 8.
  19. I have a particular dislike for the word ‘blog’, something just doesn’t quite sit right with me about it.
  20. To me, my parents divorce when I was quite young was a good thing. Not only did I get to travel more (my Mum, siblings and I moved to Mackay while Dad stayed in Albury) but I was given the opportunity to get to know my parents better as individuals while as a teenager and adult. I respect them greatly for not staying in the marriage purely ‘for the sake of the children’. It was never about getting twice as much stuff come Christmas or birthdays. On a related note, I consider my Mum to be one of my best friends and have always had an open and trusting relationship with her. It is rare that more than a few days go by between us speaking and she’s on my Facebook friends list too.
  21. Over the years I’ve made friends with so many amazing people that it’s impossible to keep in regular touch with them all. This makes me feel sad because they all rock and I hope they all know that their friendship still means the world to me.
  22. I prefer the cooler autumn/winter/early spring months over the warmer months.
  23. I define my personal style as sitting in between classic and funky. Often my outfits will incorporate elements of both.
  24. I lost a good many hours sleep worrying about whether my decision to move to Sydney would be the biggest mistake of my life. It wasn’t!
  25. I’m a good cook and love cooking but my current kitchen is not conducive to lavish cooking. My signature dessert is lemon cheesecake.
  26. My computers, car and significant gadgets have names.
  27. Give me chocolate that’s at least 70% cocoa, though if the need is great enough milk chocolate will suffice.
  28. I get the giggles often at the most inappropriate times over the strangest of things. Something may be hilarious to me but not always to those around me.
  29. I write with my left hand, mouse with my right and can play pool and tennis with either though I tend to favour my right. I’ve always loved how I can multi-task between a writing pad and computer using both hands simultaneously.
  30. Rick-Rolls have always been funny and I don’t foresee that they will ever not be funny.
  31. I don’t feel overly comfortable wearing dresses; if you see me in one, you know it’s a big deal. This is predominantly a result of it being very difficult to find a well cut dress for my rather abnormal proportions.
  32. I’m a terrible liar and find it so much easier to be truthful. Liars get found out in the end anyway and by then it’s always worse than if you’d been upfront to start with.
  33. I have a strong moral compass which means there is very very little that I regret. I also believe that even bad situations can be positive if you gain some sort of insight from them.
  34. I’m on friendly or neutral terms with majority of my former partners.
  35. I really, really hate having my feet touched.
  36. I don’t get star-struck around celebrities or well-known personalities. I’ve been asked a couple of times to be a special guest PA at conventions. Once you get past the fact that they’re very recognisable due to their occupation, the celebrities I’ve spent time around are pretty regular people.
  37. I wear contact lenses and have never worn glasses. This is due to the difference in strength between my eyes. I’m loathe to get glasses as I hate the idea of having a border to my field of vision. I can wear lenses more places than glasses and they have inbuilt UV protection. I’m yet to be convinced to switch to glasses no matter how cute girls wearing glasses apparently are.
  38. I’ve never flown anywhere for leisure with somebody who wasn’t in my family. I have flown with others for business but would love to go overseas somewhere with 1 or more friends.
  39. I’ve been involved in Book Crossing for a few years now. Over that time I’ve spent hours sifting through and buying books I’ve found in Life Line book fairs. Unfortunately I haven’t had the time to read and release even half of them yet.
  40. As I find out about sites I anticipate I’ll use, I register accounts for them to ensure that my nick (Alegrya) isn’t taken by somebody else.
  41. I’ve never had nor, plan to ever create a MySpace account.
  42. My great passion, professionally and personally, is to have everybody love technology as much as I do. I see so many ways that it can make life easier and more fun and want everybody to get in on it. My dream job will indulge this passion.
  43. I dislike it when people constantly agree with me. I’m not always right and there is nothing wrong with some healthy debate between friends and colleagues.
  44. I use Ubuntu on my laptop, it shipped with Windows but the install was never activated. As soon as my battery had charged I installed Ubuntu. The intention was to learn Linux and avoid gaming distractions while writing my thesis. It worked a charm, I now use my laptop as my primary personal computer and still enjoy learning about Linux.
  45. I’m an open source software and creative commons advocate. There’s so much great open source software and freeware out there, why aren’t more people using it?
  46. Sony Ericsson mobile phones own a special piece of my soul. After having Nokias for years I was impressed by the sleekness and usability of SE. I’m onto my third SE and hope they release something like the N95 in the next year or so.
  47. I’ve never owned anything branded Apple. The Mac OS confuses me greatly.
  48. My personality type is ENTJ or ESTJ depending on the site administering the test. I always get one of those two types, most commonly I’m an ENTJ.
  49. I pay careful attention to my spelling and grammar even if the medium is very casual. Careless spelling and bad grammar are the first things I’ll pick up on when reading something.
  50. If I haven’t heard from somebody in a while I’m quite likely to call, email or IM them out of the blue to say hi and see how they’re going.
  51. I am a total and utter geek and not ashamed of it.
  52. I haven’t had a chance to play computer games since leaving Brisbane and I really miss playing Guild Wars.
  53. I have a pretty dry sense of humour and people don’t always get my wry wit or obscure references.
  54. I’ve never seen a James Bond movie.
  55. Honours was the best year of my time spent at university, followed closely by 3rd year. The opportunities extended to me and things I was involved in made all the stress and work totally worth it.
  56. No job I’ve had so far has been as personally rewarding as university tutoring was. There’s nothing quite like the look of delight that crosses a troubled students face in the moment that all the content ‘clicks’ for them. Knowing that it happened as a result of your patience, energy and creativity is pretty awesome.
  57. I’ve been an insomniac on and off since 2001 as a result of being stalked. It thankfully wasn’t for an extended time and hasn’t happened again since. The insomnia still comes and goes depending largely on my stress levels.
  58. I don’t watch television, but do watch some television shows.
  59. My current house doesn’t have a television in the living room and I really like that when my housemates and friends hang out here, we have conversations and engage each other instead of staring blankly at a screen.
  60. Sydney is the 4th city I’ve lived in that I can recall. I was born in Melbourne but my parents moved to Albury approximately a month later. I lived in Albury for 12years, Mackay then Brisbane for 7 years each and now I’m in Sydney.
  61. I hated Sydney for years and years and my mind was only changed after spending some time here over a couple of weekends in 2007. The idea to move here was planted by an old friend after I told them about how I was getting a bit tired of Brisbane.
  62. In early 2007, after Honours and the end of my nearly 4-year relationship I resolved to spend more time and energy taking care of myself. I got into gym and discovered that I loved running. Dropping 3 dress sizes in a year was pretty great too. I’ve been frustrated since moving to Sydney because I haven’t had the chance to go to the gym and get my fitness levels back up to what they were in September. My current fitness goal is still to be able to run 2km in 12mins. I used to be able to easily do 2km in 15mins.
  63. I drove my current car out of the showroom when I was 17. I decided that I wanted a new car to take with me to Brisbane and after working out the numbers I bought one. The only thing that wasn’t in my name at that time was the bank loan as I wasn’t yet 18. From May until August of 2000 I had two cars. My old Mitsubishi Colt sedan (it was a beast of a car) and my new Hyundai Excel hatchback.
  64. I love Dendy films, the more obscure the better.
  65. I listen to most types of music, I especially enjoy the many flavours of electronica, house, drum’n’bass, jazz and most of the things played on JJJ.
  66. My favourite colours, in no particular order are: purple, blue, silver and red. I don’t have just one all-time favourite colour.
  67. I have a head for trivia and can remember some things in scary amounts of detail for a long time.
  68. I dream in colour and have been known to remember up to 5-8 dreams and how they all interlinked to each other. I used to write my dreams down but found that it could take up to an hour to get it all down.
  69. I hate running late or being held up waiting for others who are running late to leave for something. If it’s really important I’m usually 5-20mins early. I am sometimes late because I hate leaving people behind even more than being late. Internal conflict anybody!
  70. I always carry at least one book with me. Be it an actual book in my bag, an e-book on my phone or audiobook on phone/iriver.
  71. I have an inherent dislike for clothes shopping and will put it off for as long as I possibly can. I do have days when I’ll enjoy going shopping with friends but mostly I tend to avoid it.
  72. My eyes are my most complimented feature, followed by my smile.
  73. I always have trouble recalling the correct spelling of ‘definitely’ and will sometimes avoid using it in text conversation because it’s quicker for me to come up with an alternative word and use that.
  74. I knit. My grandmother taught me how to knit when I was a child and a friend re-taught me the basics a couple of years ago. I’ve done some pretty funky projects and use it to relieve stress and occupy my hands while I’m watching television shows or movies at home. I’ve found it’s just one of those things that instantly ‘makes sense’ to engineers/IT folk. After all, it is only a series of binary operations.
  75. For years I’ve wanted to go up in a hot air balloon. I haven’t done it yet but I think it would be great and have plans to do it in the next few years.
  76. I’ve never been overseas except to visit a friend in New Zealand. I’m very jealous of all my friends who frequently visit Asia and Europe for work and/or pleasure.
  77. Sometimes I wear headphones with no music playing when walking in the street just so the street sellers won’t stop me to try and sell me something.
  78. I collect movie scores. They’re the best ambient music ever.
  79. I have penfriends because I love to get letters and packages that don’t have letterheads. It’s also fun putting together packages that I know they will adore.
  80. Some people who know me pretty well have never met me face to face but I still consider them to be good friends. Technology is great like that!
  81. I spend way too much time in front of computers.
  82. If given the choice I’d rather talk with people in small groups of 2-3 than in large parties. Parties are still great fun, but you can’t really talk with people.
  83. I love a good house party and don’t often enjoy going out to clubs. If the group is good then I’d be more than happy to hit a cocktail bar or pub for some drinks and a game of pool.
  84. The sorting hat would totally put me in Ravenclaw.
  85. I own more bags than pairs of shoes. True story! I really should stop accumulating bags….and own more than 7 pairs of shoes. I suspect I’m letting down the females of the world by owning less pairs of shoes than some men I know. I also don’t own a pair of thongs.
  86. I can spend hours playing simple java/flash games on the net that are stupidly addictive and utterly pointless but ever so much fun.
  87. I really can’t stand it when people say ‘like’ an unnecessary number times when they’re talking. Like, you know, like totally hate it like. To amuse myself I count how many times they say it.
  88. I enjoy doing housework. It may seem strange but I find it meditative, especially if I’m listening to some good music at the time. I’m also quite house proud and like common areas to be clean and tidy within reason and time available for housework.
  89. For a very long time I hated having my picture taken. I still don’t especially like it, but I no longer actively run or try to hide from cameras when they’re pointed my way. I just never thought I looked good in pictures. Still don’t but I’m accepting of the fact that not everybody thinks as I do on this matter.
  90. I think British comedy is much funnier than American comedy.
  91. I love things that smell great. A US-based friend got me addicted to the Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab perfumed oils. I must have more, they’re beautiful.
  92. It frustrates me when I see friends going through difficulties and I know that there is nothing or little I can do to help.
  93. I have great difficulty asking for help from those around me. The more I need it, the harder it is for me to seek it. One day I will realise that it’s ok to get help from those around me and that I’m not expected to be super-human.
  94. It is rare that I sleep well the night before I fly anywhere. It’s a mix of excitement about the upcoming trip and a tinge of nerves.
  95. When I was much younger my siblings and appeared in a brochure for a Mackay resort as the children of a family supposedly holidaying there. To my knowledge they’re still using those pictures. We thought it was pretty funny that our fake ‘Mum and Dad’ were actually brother and sister.
  96. Hacking code and learning programming languages comprehensively has never come easily for me. I can’t explain why it always seemed so difficult when it was easy for my peers. I suspect it’s a mental block I’ve placed there mixed with the fact that I’d rather be writing the documentation that accompanies the code.
  97. While putting together my personal website I’ve been surprised at how easily HTML, CSS and some PHP have come back to me after studying them at uni all those years ago. I enjoy this kind of development because I can see what I’ve created/broken almost straightaway and can change what needs to be changed straight away. Development environments are also much easier to put together.
  98. There is much more I’m happy with about my life currently than I am unhappy with. To me the things I’m unhappy with are merely an opportunity for self-improvement and growth.
  99. I plan someday have my own consulting company. I’ve been told a few times recently that I should start one but I know I need to learn more about the business environment first.
  100. I like the occasional chick flick. They’re a guilty pleasure of mine. Between all the deep, thought provoking movies that I also love; sometimes I’m just in the mood for something I can sit and enjoy and not think too much about.

So there you have it. Enjoy. Be inspired to compile your own lists. It’s a pretty interesting to form a snapshot of yourself. I found it a bit tricky at times but I think there’s at least one thing in there that everybody didn’t already know 🙂


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  1. Awesome job with the list! I don’t think I could think of a 100 things to say about myself, but it’s great to learn about other people by reading theirs.

    Comment by Katrina Youngman | April 16, 2008 | Reply

  2. Some surprises in there, but a fant-fairy-tastic look into the world of Ali! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Comment by Fiona | April 16, 2008 | Reply

  3. #54 Is pretty disturbing.

    Comment by Andrew Sayer | April 16, 2008 | Reply

  4. I did laugh at #31 – I think every woman i’ve met has moments like that.

    As fi said, thanks for sharing 🙂 It might even inspire me (if I can think of 100 interesting things!!)

    Comment by martin | April 16, 2008 | Reply

  5. #90 I wonder sometimes if Americans really have a sense of humour and instead just say things they think others will find funny.
    British comedy FTW! 🙂

    Comment by Noodlez | April 16, 2008 | Reply

  6. Lovely to learn a bit more about you 🙂

    Comment by Jackie (nopants) | April 16, 2008 | Reply

  7. Can’t say there’s many suprises ;P

    Comment by elspeth | April 22, 2008 | Reply

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