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Link Goodness and job fun

My new contract has been indulging a few of my geeky weaknesses. I’ve had a really good time learning about how mobile phone towers communicate with each other and with our phones. The basics are that I’m in charge of testing new 3g towers and collecting data from around the place using a variety of expensive gadgets and software. Part of my job also includes adjusting the electrical ’tilt’ of tower sectors where required. Learning how to do that was the basis of a ‘field trip’ today including a first hand look inside the shed at the base of a local towers which housed a lot of cable, racks and other assorted goodies in a white air-conditioned room.

Onto the links that are grabbing my attention this week.

  • LOLcode – it’s real, it’s out there and apparently there are employers seeking LOLcoders with at least a month of experience. It looks like fun, I wonder if they’ll let senior programming students use it when they get to pick their own language.
  • Street kids running their own bank – this is so inspiring to me. Why aren’t more children being so innovative and gaining such important skills?
  • Model of Scrooge McDuck’s money bin – link is to the set, I highly recommend going through each of the pictures as the detail and attention put into this is incredible.
  • Portrait Landscape Sketchbook – this is more novel than anything else, but I still think it’s cool though I’d likely never actually buy one.

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BoingBoing Link Roundup

All sorts of interesting links today. I’ll try to keep discussion short and sweet.

That’s the end of the slightly odd-ball but pretty cool links for the day.

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Ubuntu 7.10 and more

I upgraded my Ubuntu install this morning. It sounds like a feat but in fact it was so easy that literally anybody can do it. Closing applications, making sure you had an internet connection and then hitting ‘Upgrade’ in the package manager. Walk away for a little under an hour and that’s it. My input was required once – to tell the installer what to do with a customised file.

Upgrade complete and system restarted to find that my settings were just about all intact, including transferring settings between a major application upgrade and the smaller subtleties such as remembering my Firefox session. Overall I have to say that from the onset I am very impressed. Tweaking for the next few days is to be expected to get everything just how I like it, but the new Ubuntu is quite able to used with little problem straight out of the box. Whether you’re upgrading from 7.04 or creating a fresh install using a CD, Ubuntu has never been easier or more accessible to those interested in wishing to use linux for everyday computing.

Here’s my list of interesting links of the week. Enjoy!

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BoingBoing Link Roundup

There are some great finds in my RSS bin atm. Here’s some that I really liked.

  • Not a lamp, not a box – a tongue in cheek take on Ikea-esque flat pack furniture (2 links).
  • Formable Furniture – awesome concept, a collection of slats that can be reshaped into furniture and stay in shape by tension wire
  • Yarn cupcakes – created as a farewell gift for somebody having to leave their knitting group behind. Knitted creations make with marzipan.
  • The MC Hammer School of English – adorable video of children learning to speak and spell in English using the time-honored “Hammer Time”
  • Extermiknit – yes, somebody has knitted daleks.
  • Graffiti on a hostel door in Prague – this should be self-explanatory for you geeks out there.
  • Face your pockets! – project where people scan their faces and the contents of their pockets and submit to the site.
  • Book of Lights – folding lamps that arise from opening a book and actually work if plugged in.

I got tied up playing Kingdom of Loathing. Lots of harmless fun which has in turn taken a back seat to more exciting things happening in my life currently.

Full steam ahead for relocation to Sydney within the next 2 weeks. I’m very excited about the opportunities available and for the chance to explore a new city and see more of my friends down there.

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BoingBoing RSS Madness

While clearing some of the many unread articles in my BoingBoing RSS bin I stumbled across some really cool stuff which I thought I’d share.

Firstly, game studio Three Rings Design re-outfitted their office/studio to resemble The Nautilus from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Go and check out the pictures of the office here.

Secondly, for the simple reason of increasing awareness and supporting people fighting the copyright monster I’m wanting all of you to go and have a watch of this. It’s called A Fair(y) Use Tale and it uses clips from Disney movies to briefly describe copyright and fair use – it’s very clever and even contains a section explaining why they used Disney movies for this.

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